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New computer.

2010-01-01 16:18:40 by Kinoyu

I got a new computer so I can put new songs on here now.

No new music.

2009-07-31 09:50:56 by Kinoyu

I won't be able to make music for a while, so sorry.


2009-07-24 06:31:13 by Kinoyu

I put three more songs on NG now, please comment and vote. Thank you.

I made another song.

2009-07-23 03:17:34 by Kinoyu

I put another song on newgrounds now, i hope you dont mind me putting them on at night. XD


2009-07-22 23:43:04 by Kinoyu

I just started making actual songs after a while of messing around on FL. I posted one so far and am going to post another soon.